Antilock Brakes

Antilock Brakes: Use Them Properly


      Antilock braking systems in cars are designed to improve safety, but they won’t do the job unless drivers know how to use them correctly. Here’s the right way to use the ABS when you need to stop quickly:


  • Apply steady, firm pressure. Never pump or “feather” your brakes. The ABS regulates the braking pressure so the brakes don’t lock up. If you pump or slightly release pressure on the pedal, it confuses the computer system and shuts it off.
  • Don’t let up. The grating noise you may hear is the sound of the ABS working.
  • Don’t yank the wheel. You can steer your car safely, but if you yank the wheel, you could lose control.
  • Be prepared for skids. Remember that the ABS doesn’t prevent skids. Nor does it allow for shorter stopping distances than conventional brakes

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